Pakistan Dairy Development Company
Pakistan Dairy Development Company

Pakistan Dairy Development Company (PDDC or, as it is commonly known, “Dairy Pakistan”) has been established to drive the development of the Pakistan dairy sector. Dairy Pakistan is a Public-Private sector joint initiative to bring about structural long term change in the dairy industry in Pakistan. With a vision to turn Pakistan into one of the top five dairy manufacturing countries in the world, Dairy Pakistan is embarking on a phased plan targeting all the key players in the dairy sector. Dairy Pakistan is chartered to coordinate, manage and facilitate initiatives leading to the development of the dairy sector in the country.

Dairy Pakistan is a company established under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984 and was incorporated as Pakistan Dairy Development Company on the 9th September 2005. The establishment of Dairy Pakistan was a result of recommendations made by the Dairy SWOG (Strategic Working Group). SWOG is a body representing the major players and stakeholders in the dairy chain, including farmers, processors, marketers and the government. The Company is being funded primarily by the Government of Pakistan and partly by the private sector.

Dairy Pakistan has been established under the guidance of the Ministry of Industries, Production and Special Initiatives.
The Board of Directors of Pakistan Dairy Development Company is made up of representatives of both the private and public sectors, with one representative of an agricultural University. A majority of Directors are from the private sector, and according to the Articles of Association of the Company, the Chairman must always be from the private sector.

The first public action of Dairy Pakistan took place when advertisements seeking applications for its Model Farm and Cooling Tank Programmes were placed in May, 2006. At the same time, advertisements seeking pre-qualification of suppliers to these programmes were placed.

Strategic Initiatives & Timeframes
Through its “White Paper” – “The White Revolution”, Dairy Pakistan has identified many programmes to drive sector development. These programmes will be pursued under the following strategic timeframes:

Horizon One : Programmes already under action

Horizon Two
: Programmes for implementation in the near future

Horizon Three
: Programmes for implementation in the 3-5 year timeframe

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